Member Profile: Brandon Coriano

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Name: Brandon Coriano

Member Status: Street Illusions 478 President

Vehicle(s): 2010 Dodge Caliber SXT, Dc4 Integra {coming soon}

The president of the 478 chapter of Street Illusions is no stranger to auto customization. Brandon has had a love for cars ever since the young age of 8. He’s built numerous cars for shows, as well as some for performance. His current project is his 2010 Dodge Caliber SXT which is currently being built for rallycross cross and plans to get a Dc4 Integra to build for hillclimb time trials. Brandon’s favorite motor sports include; drifting, rally cross, and time attack. When asked why he enjoys cars his response is very clear:

“Being behind the wheel of a car always gives me a sense of clarity. It doesn’t matter if I’m racing, or just cruising around. Driving just helps to calm me down and it helps me to think about everything.”


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