Rules and Regulations 

These guidelines and regulations are set in place to effectively govern Street Illusions and affiliated parties. Any disregard or failure to follow set guidelines and rules will result in immediate dismissal from Street Illusions.

       General Policies and Procedures:

Membership is invitation only: If you have someone interested in joining Street Illusions, please have them fill out an application on the website and bring them to the next available team meeting. They will be interviewed at the meeting, and if found suitable, allowed to join the Street Illusions family.

       Potential members must meet the following criteria:
Must have the drive to participate in shows, meets, races, and other relative events.

Support the unification of the team and understand represent a dignified organization.

Show respect towards all members as well as other enthusiasts. No trash talking, belittling, or disrespecting any person or their car. Be mindful when coming into contact with others cars, i.e. touching, leaning against, etc.

Membership is a privilege: Many events and functions this team represents, may have the opportunity for sponsorship, so please remember it is important to be presentable in the community at all times. People notice both positive and negative actions.

All members are asked to participate in club meetings: Team meetings occur once per month and locations vary around the Warner Robins/Centerville (Street Illusions 478), Athens (Street Illusions 706), and North Augusta (Street Illusions 803) areas in order to ensure the highest possible membership attendance. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you are asked to contact a chapter president in advance of the team meeting. Furthermore if you have suggestions for new meeting locations, please feel encouraged to voice your opinion to your chapter president. 

Members are required to obey all traffic laws. If you want to race, keep it on the track. Do not endanger lives of innocent people.

Attend as many events as you can to show support for your team. We all have busy schedules, but part of what makes this team great is the family dynamic and love for cars we all share. Show support for your team.

Almost all club information is posted on the Facebook page. Please refer to individual posts for information. If you have a question about an event please message the event organizer. This will avoid unnecessary clutter on the page so all of the information is readily available. Please also note to keep conversations on these threads relevant to the event/activity at hand.

If you have a pressing concern about club dynamics please message an officer. Do not post major concerns on the main page without first having talked to an officer. (Often times an issue may be resolved before people even hear there is a potential issue, or it may not even effect half of the team.)